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Tips on Choosing Wedding Dress in 4 Seasons

It is hopeful that all the girls can wear all these beautiful wedding dresses with their Lovers. All kinds of details about Wedding dress, bridesmaids dress, flower girl. Hope the articles provided can help the happy ones who are preparing wedding.

Tips for a Fall Wedding

  • Add a little color to your wedding dress with a ribbon belt or other fall-colored detail.
  • Pick unexpected fall colors like bright red, orange and deep pink.
  • Keep warm with a chic red bolero jacket.
  • Accessorize with jewelry in yellows, oranges and browns.
  • Instead of typical bridesmaids’ dresses in deep red or brown, have your ‘maids wear fall-inspired dresses.
  • Include a fall-themed accent in your groom’s boutonniere, like acorns or fall leaves.

Tips for a Winter Wedding

  • Wear a silver and white wedding dress.
  • Don’t feel like everything has to be all white just because it’s winter. Add icy soft blue and silver accents.
  • Try wearing a light blue feather stole over your wedding gown.
  • Keep your accessories simple and let your stunning dress take center stage.
  • Choose stylish slate blue for your bridesmaids.
  • Snowflakes or pinecones are perfect winter details to add to your groom’s boutonniere.

Tips for a Spring Wedding

  • Dress your flower girl in a light tulle dress in different shades of pink.
  • Pinks and greens are the perfect palette for a spring wedding.
  • Choose a wedding dress with a floral accent to represent the season.
  • Cover up on a cool spring night with a hot pink cotton cardigan.
  • Let your bridesmaids pick their own pink or green dresses, just make sure they are in the same shades.
  • Match your shoes to your groom’s tie for an unexpected, coordinated look.

Tips for a Summer Wedding

  • For a wedding in the warm summer months, add bright pops of color.
  • Add touches of color to your ensemble through your jewelry and shoes.
  • Pick a light, flowing wedding dress for the hot days and warm nights of summer. Avoid heavy fabrics like satin and anything that is overly beaded.
  • Sprinkle poppy accents throughout your wedding: from your accessories to the flower girl’s dress.
  • Have your groom wear a summery floral accent for his boutonniere.

I hope that all the wedding girls like theses tips. Try something else and new to make your wedding an everlasting event for everyone.


Homemade Wedding Invitations for You

download-18Handmade wedding cards are the perfect way to show how much you care about your near and dear ones. It is also an opportunity to involve your family, friends, and fiance to participate in the wedding preparations. This is a lovely way to share your joy and make your guests, ‘Save the Date’ for your wedding.
Before setting out on creating homemade invitation cards, be forewarned that the path is arduous. Firstly, you will need to decide upon the layout of the invitation and the materials you intent to use. Secondly, you will need to chalk out the approximate expenses you will incur and judge whether your project is cost-effective or not. Thirdly, you will need to keep a tab on the number of invitees and whether, making those many handmade cards is feasible for you. Lastly, wisely consider the available time at hand and whether you’ll be able to get the cards made within the expected deadline. If all these requisites seem doable, you can go ahead and make your wedding cards to surprise your guests!

Laced with Love
An elegant and quick way to make wedding invitations is to use lace as the main decorative component of the card. Depending on the shape of the invitation you plan to make, place the lace around the borders or use it as the base upon which the details of the wedding shall be placed. You can also cut the lace into strips and place it around the flaps of the card. Use a suitable ribbon and dried flowers to decorate the corners of the card.

Inviting Blossoms
Since flowers are, and have always been, an integral part of weddings, these wonders of nature can be used for making invitations as well. All you need to do is, choose tiny blossoms, which can be dried and preserved, in order to retain some of their original color. In case you plan to use flowers, make sure that you dry and keep them ready a few weeks in advance, so that they don’t stain the cards. Another way is to paste flowers made out of lace and satin.

Paper Craft
Do you remember how interesting craft lessons used to be? You can feel that excitement once again, by making your wedding invitations using craft paper. Choose a decorative translucent paper and combine it with a pearly white or cream paper, in order to create an illusion of layers. Thereafter, use a bold-colored sheet for making the background for the card. Apart from using strings and beads, you can also machine stitch the borders of the card for the sake of decoration.

Say it with a Scroll
In ancient times, messages were dispatched in sealed scrolls. You can do the same, by making your wedding invitation resemble a scroll. You can either make these scrolls by making the rods and its ends or you could simply roll up the handwritten invitation using a pretty string. You can also use more decorative paper to make the seal for the scroll, and use flowers and beads to give the finishing touches.

You can also decorate your wedding card on the same lines as a scrapbook. Depending on the theme of the wedding, you can cut and paste appropriate images and photographs. You can also use paper leaves, laces,nets, and glitter stickers for decorating the scrapbook cards.

Evergreen Leaves
Dried translucent leaves can be used to make your wedding card. You can either buy these leaves from craft stores or prepare these leaves at home. You can paste these leaves on handmade paper, and use decorative paper for creating a more colorful background. You can also color the leaves according to the color palette of the wedding or use multiple colored leaves and flowers for your card.

Old Gold
Has flipping through old photographs ever left you feeling enchanted? If so, all you need to do is to take a picture of you and your fiance and manipulate it with sepia or black and white effect. The objective is to give the picture and wedding invitation a vintage look. You can burn the sides of the card or use decorative aged paper. Cut the photo in an oval shape to make it seem as if the card is a part of an old photo album. You can also use vintage seals.

Paint My Love
If you love to sketch and paint, this is the time to put your talent to good use. However, it’s not possible to paint all the wedding cards, which is why you will need to get several copies made of your original painting. Do not forget to give due credit, if a family member has contributed to the cover art. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, you can playfully paint whatever you think describes this joyous occasion in your life.

Dimensional Thoughts
You can also give the wedding invitation a two- or three-dimensional effect, so that the elements on the card pop out slightly. You can make anything that fancies you, as long as you’re happy with the results. Since it is your wedding, you are free to make a wedding card that is unconventional and totally you!

Message In a Bottle
You can place your wedding details inside a glass bottle or jar and seal it. Your guests will be thrilled to receive such an invitation because of its uniqueness. You can also place shells and sand in the bottle, in case you are planning on a beach or a Hawaiian-themed wedding. The biggest advantage of this idea is that you will find no dearth of discarded bottles, which can be used for this project.

Finding Cheap White Wedding Shoes

images-17If you want to buy a pair of cheap white wedding shoes, then listed below are a couple of suggestions for you. Getting consulted to numerous brides, I’ve discovered some secrets to finding cheap white bridal shoes that you just may perhaps not have imagined of. Because it is such a lengthy procedure along with a wedding has so lots of details to plan, I have made a decision to share some suggestions with you.

Very first, look at the finish of each season. Do not go shopping with the beginning of the season when all of the shoes are new. This can be one there will likely be no reductions to be discovered. The end of every season typically occurs 2 months after the beginning of the season. So, the summer shoes could be discovered in May and the end of season sales will be in July. The fall shoes can be found in August and the finish of season sales will likely be in October. Lastly, the Spring shoes can be found in January with end of season sales happening in March. Choose these months to go shopping in the division shops and shoe shops. This is when they are trying to clear out inventory and you may discover your attractive white wedding shoes.

Second, clip coupons. Even though you may perhaps be in the center of wedding ceremony planning, the one way to save money is to uncover coupons. Either signal up online to get notified of shop sales and coupons or go and sign up for a loyalty system so the shop will mail you a coupon. These extra coupons will conserve you ten to 25% off the complete price of your white wedding shoes. This then gets to be an superb deal.

3rd, go to the shops. Take into account shopping on the outlets in order to get designer costs for less. You’ll locate enormous reductions at various outlet shoe shops and you just could locate those cheap white wedding shoes. Therefore, go to the retailers and store rather than going to the regular shops.

Eventually, search the sales racks of the shoe stores. Although this takes more time and digging, searching the racks will occasionally outcome in some seriously excellent finds. Go and search the sales racks of the stores to come across some stunning discount white bridal shoes for the big day. Occasionally, you could even uncover that these shoes have an additional % off that will take them down a great deal more than just before. Sales racks are certainly really worth seeking at if you want a low cost in your shoes.


How to Plan a Vegetarian Wedding Menu

download-16Vegetarian weddings are becoming quite popular in recent times with topics about cruelty to animals being in the spotlight! Since you are on this page, I’m assuming that you are thinking of planning a vegetarian wedding menu, so I offer my congratulations (on your impending wedding and your choice of menu!). Many people think that a vegetarian menu isn’t ‘real’ food! That is not at all the case, and I’m assuming that those who think so are probably yet to eat a filling vegetarian meal, and will hopefully change their opinion after doing so! A vegetarian menu can be just as innovative, delectable and fun as a non-vegetarian one. Here are a few tips to help you plan your vegetarian wedding menu.

Dishing Out a Vegetarian Menu Plan

Tip 1 ~ Plan the Budget
Decide the menu according to your budget. It’s a myth that a vegetarian menu will be cheaper than a non-vegetarian menu! The cost strictly depends on the type of dishes, number of dishes, and the availability of the food items. If you opt for exotic vegetables, you will have to spend more money than if you try new recipes with easily available vegetables. So if your budget is small, try experimenting with the menu.

Tip 2 ~ Select the Caterer
Instead of selecting a caterer who is renowned for both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian courses, it may be more helpful if you opt for a caterer who is a vegetarian specialist. Of course, there is no harm in opting for the former. The advantage with the specialist is that his knowledge about filling vegetarian dishes, and the variety available, will be more comprehensive, thus making the work easier for you.

Tip 3 ~ Plan the Details
Sit down with your caterer and plan the menu in detail. The wedding appetizers, main course, special wedding desserts, etc., everything needs attention. Try to incorporate filling dishes over snacks, see which are popular vegetarian substitutes for a non-vegetarian menu, so that your non-vegetarian guests are not left dissatisfied. Find someone who has a variety of vegetarian desserts to offer (you can stick to your caterer, or find a different bakery). Don’t be scared of bombarding your caterer with questions, since it’s your big day you are planning for, and you don’t want your guests being dissatisfied or having not-so-nice memories about it!

Tip 4 ~ Stick to ‘Safe’
When given a choice between something that your guests are familiar with over something that is totally new, they usually prefer the familiar dishes. Also, the visual effect cannot be denied, so urge your caterer to be attentive to the presentation too (without comprising on the taste, of course!). This doesn’t mean you should absolutely not try new dishes! But if you’ve picked a different cuisine, then try to pick the popular dishes from that cuisine. If the cuisine itself is popular, then experiment all you want!

Tip 5 ~ Choose Dishes Wisely and Provide Options
If you have a vegetarian equivalent of a non-vegetarian dish, made simply by skipping the ‘meat’ part of the dish, be ready to tackle some very disappointed guests! This is simply not done, and your wedding menu will turn out to be a major letdown! Choose vegetarian dishes that stand out on their own (and there are tons of these), instead of having vegetarian rip offs of non-vegetarian dishes. This is a strict no-no. Provide a food station with more than a couple of dishes, so that your guests have a choice, and do not feel like they are being forced to eat a particular dish!

Tip 6 ~ Insist on a Tasting
Agreed that this caterer comes with the highest recommendation from your BFF who had hired him for his/her wedding, but a little caution didn’t harm anyone! After deciding the menu, ask the caterer for a tasting. Specially if you are trying out some unusual dishes. It’s better to try your choices before you serve them to your guests. Depending on whether or not you like what you eat, you can decide to change the menu. This way, on the day of the wedding, you can rest assured that the food is going to be great, and concentrate on the wedding. One less thing to worry about, right? Some caterers may charge for a tasting, some won’t.

Tip 7 ~ Don’t Make a Fuss
By this I mean, about the menu being ‘vegetarian’, not the wedding, or the choice of dishes (or anything else!). Don’t put it on your wedding invites as a warning or a disclaimer! It’s not like you are planning to cook up aliens and serve them, right?! Vegetarian menus, just like non-vegetarian menus, are absolutely all right. No one is going to express distaste at your choice, so relax. Your guests will enjoy the food if they haven’t built up prejudices against it!

Tip 8 ~ Be Considerate
If you know that more than half your guests are not really for vegetarian food, provide at least one non-vegetarian option for them. Let the ones who are ready to experiment, try the vegetarian food, while those who are uncomfortable with it also have an option. If you are a strict vegetarian, you wouldn’t like it if a wedding you attended had strictly non-vegetarian food, would you? The same applies here.

After all, you wouldn’t want anything to ruin your perfect day! Leave your guests with happy memories of your day, and of a meal they won’t forget in a hurry !