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Tips on Choosing the Best Florist for Wedding

According to The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, there are over 400,000 flowering plants in the world, with more additions being made constantly. While your wedding florist may not display so many options, what we’re trying to imply is that among the many varieties, each flower (or combination of flowers) will emit a unique charisma, and it is very essential that the flowers you have at your wedding, perfectly reflect your personality.

Every wedding is a dream, unique and distinct from any other. Consider flowers to be your scent, and a florist to be the brand that manufactures it. To discover what works best for you, you’ll have to scrutinize some options to see if they suit your skin. While it is obvious that you need to evaluate his/her credibility and experience, it is also important to seek a florist who suits your needs both professionally and personally―this cannot be done at the last minute. Even a month or two is too little a time. Most experts advise to start the process at least 6 to 8 months in advance, especially if you’re tying the knot during the wedding season. Start well in advance so that you don’t have to adjust your dates according to the florist’s availability. That being said, the following points will help you understand what you need to do exactly.

1. Seek Referrals and References

Quite basic, yet right approach to get started with. You may start with browsing online. But an even better option is to ask those who have had first-hand experience with a good florist. Perhaps you have friends who have recently got married, or friends of friends? Just spread the word that you’re looking for some testimonials, and you should see some options coming your way. Go through bridal magazines, or get a copy of the Florists’ Review magazine. These will give you some real good names in the market. If you have been meaning to attend a bridal show, now is a good time to do it. They’ll have various florists display their work, and you’ll get an opportunity to evaluate your options. If you have decided on your venue, ask those guys if they could recommend a good florist. Choosing a florist who has worked at the venue before, would undoubtedly be an added advantage.

2. Browse Through Their Websites and Reviews

The internet has become a great way to access information without much efforts. Once you’ve got the names, start browsing through their individual websites―it’ll give you a fair idea of their efficiency. Think of it this way―if they have put in so much into their website to please the visitors, imagine how much they’re capable of doing to increase their clientele, which is impossible without customer satisfaction. We’re not implying to base your decision on the look of the website―there are many other things to see―but yes, it does reflect a lot about the business.

Once you’ve scrutinized their work, pay a close attention to the customer reviews and testimonials mentioned, either on their website, or on websites such as the Better Business Bureau. This website not only gives you a chance to examine the consumer feedback, but also accredits and rates their work. It also has a feature through which you can get an online quote from a particular florist you choose. Florists’ Review will also give you some worthy names, and samples of their work.

3. Formulate Your Ideas and Set a Fixed Budget

After browsing through all these websites and magazines, you’ll come across many floral arrangements, approach, and ideas. Perhaps you might have incorporated some of your own in the process. It is highly advisable to be clear, or at least have a fair idea about the colors, theme, or patterns you seek for your special day. Apart from that, set a fixed budget. This is extremely crucial, because the last thing you want is to be flooded with varied options and being flummoxed! If you have a definite budget, it becomes easier for the florist to show you executable options as per your needs. When you, as a client, are confident and clear in terms of what you seek, the florist will also treat you with professionalism, and will not talk you into expanding your budget.

4. Narrow Down Your Options to 3 or 4 Vendors

You can’t search the entire market and interview all the options―well, you may, if you’d like, but generally, we recommend you to narrow down your options to 3 or 4 vendors that seem to be the most promising. There is one thing we’d like to point out here. Most couples look at the big names, think that they are way too expensive for their budget, and do not even consider these as an option. One meeting is not going to cost anything. In fact, no matter what your budget is, a good florist will help you avail the maximum services within your budgetary limits. So, once you have selected your options, you must fix an appointment with each of them. Making an appointment is essential, as it will ensure that the florist has enough time to sit with you (ideally an hour or two) and discuss your vision and ideas.

If you can, carry some samples such as pictures or links of the flower arrangements that suit your taste, swatches of fabrics from the bridesmaids dresses, a picture of your wedding gown, the theme, and so on. Giving them an approximate number of the guests that are likely to attend the wedding would also help the florists give you an approximate price quotation.

5. Ask Questions Such As …

There are certain questions that are quintessential to ask. A good rapport with the florist is more essential than any other parameter. They should welcome your queries, ideas, suggestions, and concerns with patience and ease. Do not go for those who don’t pay heed to what you have in mind, and force their ideas on you. These questions will help you ‘read between the lines’ and help you determine if you ‘click’ with the florist.

✿ How many weddings have you done so far? Are you comfortable with modern themes, or prefer the traditional ones?
✿ Can you give me some tips to maximize my budget?
✿ Do you also provide flower vases, candelabras, and other decorations in the package, or as rentals?
✿ How many weddings will you be working on that weekend, or that very day?
✿ How many floral designers do you have working for you? Are they registered and qualified?
✿ If there arises a need to change the discussed plan, or alter it, how many days do I have before the wedding?
✿ Would it be possible for you to use the wedding flowers to decorate the reception venue, as well?
✿ How long would you take to set up the flowers at the venue?
✿ Are there any additional services that you offer? Table linens, wedding favors, lights, and the like?
✿ Are there any hidden costs or charges that I should be aware of?

6. Look for Positive Replies

Carefully evaluate the way the florist replies to your questions. If the answers are at the tip of their tongue, know that they know their job well. Also, when asked for suggestions and tips to avail the maximum services within your budget, a good florist will give you endless options that fit your needs. For instance, using some amount of foliage in bouquets and centerpieces, instead of using only flowers would help in cost-cutting. Also, opting for a mix of seasonal flowers along with the exotic ones would minimize expenses. If you haven’t finalized the date officially, your florist may advise you to not plan your wedding around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day, as flowers are in great demand during these seasons, and therefore, are expensive. Look for these cues, and see if the florist is speaking like your guide, or as a profit-seeking businessperson.

7. Decide and Choose

Once you have interviewed the shortlisted vendors, and scrutinized their work, experience, behavior, and working policies, it is time to make the final decision. A point to be noted here is to not make budget your ultimate deciding factor. In case of confusion between two options, you may ask each of the florist to make a sample of bridal bouquet, or perhaps a centerpiece. They should do this without charging anything. This step would also give you a chance to see how well they have been able to capture your imagination and style. More than the price quoted, focus on the relationship and rapport you shared with the florist during the meeting.

8. Evaluate the Contract Before Signing

Most florists will ask for a deposit amount while signing the contract, while you’ll be expected to pay the balance somewhere during the wedding week. The amount, mode of payment, date of payment, and other details discussed and finalized should be written clearly in the contract. Ensure that the quoted price is inclusive of everything―labor charges, transportation, taxes, and the like. It should also contain details of the numbers and prices of each centerpiece, boutonnière, bouquet, corsage, and other floral pieces that will adorn the venue. The kind of flowers used and in what numbers, should also be clearly written. Also, the details of the delivery and set-up should also be mentioned. Ensure that all the important details are mentioned in the contract before signing it.

Another essential advice would be to exchange numbers with the florist, not only yours, but also of family members who will be helping you in the process. This will take some load off your shoulders, especially when you also have other arrangements to take care of. Inform the florist of any specific flowers or scents that you are allergic to, just so that those are not a part of the wedding in any case. Also, the availability of flowers are subjective, and situations may arise wherein there could be a shortage of supply. Therefore, it would be a good option to keep a plan B, as in, a substitute for the original flower(s) chosen. Consider the florist to be an artist who would beautify your wedding with the ethereal flower decorations. Give them your ideas and let them use their creative instinct to make your imagination blossom into reality.

Ways to Save Money on a Wedding

A person’s wedding day is a very important time as it is a turning point in that person’s life. They should be able to enjoy that day with their beloved, instead of fretting over the expenses incurred for the wedding.

The first task in planning any wedding is setting up the wedding budget. It is a very crucial part of planning the wedding. There are many aspects in a wedding where costs can be controlled to a great extent.

You cannot have a wedding without inviting your near and dear ones; family and friends who are important people in your life, and with whom you want to share your precious joy. There are ways to cut corners in your wedding reception, while taking care that it is still memorable.

Venue & Menu: The best time to have a wedding is during festivals. The churches are already decorated thus helping you save a lot of money on wedding decorations. Other ideas to save money will be to have your wedding on a weekday or a Sunday night, so that you get sufficient discounts on the wedding hall as well as from the caterers. Alternatively, you can go for a small town wedding. Don’t plan an elaborate meal. Go for buffets and simple recipes instead. A lunch or brunch instead of dinner, and having the ceremony and reception at the same venue, can also help in savings. Ask a family member or friend to officiate your wedding instead of having a minister.

Guest List: Special occasions are celebrated with special people. Cut down your guest list to include only those intimate family members and friends who matter the most to you, instead of handing out invitations to everyone you know. While sending your invitations, ask the people to revert with their confirmations through emails, or by simply calling you. This saves you postage as you do not need to include an RSVP card with the invite.

Schedule: It is absolutely necessary to stick to the planned schedule. The band and the venue charges may increase if your wedding goes beyond the agreed time schedule.

Band: Any wedding is incomplete without the traditional wedding music. However, it is up to you to decide whether you want a band, or some music of your choice. If you want an expensive band only because your friend had it in her wedding, you will have to shell out the extra buck. Instead, go for small bands that are good but not yet popular.

Decorations: Instead of spending exorbitantly on wedding decorations, you can ask your friends to help you make the decorations and favors at home. Making the invitations too will help you save a lot of money.

Flowers: Flowers are a part of decorations. Instead of ordering exotic flowers, use just one or two varieties. If you are artistically inclined, you can even make your wedding bouquet yourself. You can also invite your bridesmaids over to make their bouquets.

Alcohol: It is a surprising fact that when you buy your own alcohol, you save a lot of money. So, purchase your own alcohol for the ceremony, and instruct the bartender to offer only a limited choice of drinks.

The most important aspect of a wedding for any bride is the wedding dress. However, these dresses are quite expensive to purchase. There are a few ways to save money on a wedding dress though.

Buy a Dress on Discount: You can buy your dress online from the various sites that offer attractive discounts. Go for off-season and sample sales to get a good bargain. There are also various bridal chain stores which can be good for wedding dress shopping as they have a variety in affordable price ranges. Just remember to stick to your budget and not overspend.

Rent: Although not a pleasing idea to many, there are stores that rent out beautiful wedding gowns. If you think practically, you will realize that there is no reason for you to spend so much on your dress. You can rent one instead for less than half the price. Antique shops also rent vintage gowns, which can make for a unique dress.

Borrow: You can borrow a dress from a friend or family member, make a few changes to it so that it looks different, and wear it on your wedding day. If the dress belongs to a family member, like your mother or sister, you can even get it altered.

Sew: Hire a seamstress, give her your design, and tell her what you need. You may have to compromise on the type of cloth, but you will have a dress that is designed by you. The veil and headpiece can be made by your mother, grandmother, or a friend. You can even skip these altogether and do your hair in the latest style.

Accessories: Avoid too many ornaments and accessories. While buying wedding shoes, keep in mind that they are hidden below your dress. Remember that when you spend so much on shoes, you should also be able to wear them on other occasions.

A wedding cake is an integral part of every wedding, but it does not come cheap. However, there are several ways to cut down on this expense.

Save a Cake: Get a small and beautiful cake for your ceremony and a sheet cake of the same flavor for the guests. The sugar frosting can be replaced with candied fruits or chocolates. This brings down the cost of the cake decoration. If you must have a tiered cake, you can ask your baker to create false layers of iced Styrofoam above or beneath the real tier. Avoid choosing exotic cake flavors.

Buy One: If you buy the cake at a supermarket and get it decorated at some bakery, or even at a cooking class, you save a lot of money. Even the cake ornaments can be bought cheap at a bakery. Borrow the cake pillars or rent them instead.

Bake One: If you have an accomplished baker in your family, you can plan ahead and bake the cake. Along with being cost-effective, it will add a personal touch to your wedding.

Having a wedding photographer is important, but you can limit the time for which he is hired. You can also ask a family member or friend to step in. Here are a few options.

Professional: Employ a wedding photographer for the ceremony and only the first two hours of the reception. Pose for your photos first and then send him packing.

Family: There is bound to be someone in your family with experience in photography whom you can ask to take photos. They will be willing to help you out. You can also ask them to video shoot your wedding ceremony.

A wedding day is the start of a new journey for two people. It should be cherished and remembered for the events, and not for the high expenditure.

Best Advice On Wedding Cakes

Those days are gone where conventional wedding nutty cake layered in marzipan and covered in white icing. Today’s ladies and grooms are blending it up with an enormous scope of wedding cakes to look over. Anything from mud cakes to wipe cakes and even cupcake towers is conceivable. In the event that you have a cake at the top of the priority list, all great wedding cake masters will have the capacity to make your thoughts a reality. Astonishing adornments combined with fabulous flavor are vital to your wedding cake’s prosperity and with modern cake plan the sky is the limit!

Settling on a wedding cake specialist is a considerable measure less demanding with so much data accessible on the web. Most organizations post photos of their work on their sites so you’re ready to look at them before going there in individual. Then again, ask any as of late wedded couples you know where they requested their wedding cake from. It’s best to do this kind of exploration no less than six months before your wedding date.

It’s best to get a full quote and look for the best arrangement before choosing a wedding cake organization. It’s likewise worth looking at their fixings and asking whether they crisply heat or stop their cakes. A considerable measure of the time you’ll see that wedding cake pastry specialists and architects likewise spend significant time in wedding blooms. See if they offer a less expensive cost or package deal in the event that you utilize both of their services.

Before sorting out wedding cakes in Pontefract it’s ideal to know what number of visitors you will anticipate that all together will guarantee that nobody will pass up a major opportunity for a cut. From here your wedding cake master will have the capacity to decide a size taking into account the figures. A few couples may definitely realize what they need their cake to look and taste like, while others may need to talk about thoughts with their pro or organize a cake tasting session. Quotes are normally construct particularly with respect to the individual cake and can differ contingent upon size, sort of cake, enrichments and conveyance. Once a cake and cost have been concurred on, you will more often than not be requested that compensation a significant store to hold your wedding date.

Irrefutably the most pleasant part of the wedding cake requesting procedure is choosing what it will look and pose a flavor like. Cake tasting sessions are for the most part offered by most wedding cake bread cooks. Some distinctive sorts of cake include:

Nutty delight: The conventional nutty surprise is still a prominent choice, particularly for toughness purposes. Since it stays consumable for quite a long time if put away effectively, a ton of couples like to spare their cake for their one year wedding commemoration.

Sponge Cake: This choice has turned out to be progressively popular for more youthful couples and advanced weddings. The main set back is that it is harder to stack on the off chance that you need a cake with columns and various levels.

Others: Cheesecakes, mud cakes and even cupcake stacks are other prevalent choices. A few couples even pick numerous layered cakes with an alternate flavor for each.

Cake Tip: When you’re picking your cake and filling sort consider the period of your wedding. Cakes with margarine cream icing and/or moose or cream topping won’t hold off well in the late spring heat unless you keep it refrigerated until the cutting. Something sturdier, for example, nutty delight or mud cake is possibly a superior alternative for hot climate.

Wedding cakes arrive in an immense scope of shapes and sizes. Some are made to coordinate the lady of the hour or bridesmaids’ dresses and blooms, while others can be molded into mansions or hearts to coordinate a particular subject. Cakes can consist of different layers isolated and upheld by columns or various levels stacked on top of each other. Basic shapes are circles and squares as they are effortlessly cut; be that as it may, anything goes in this industry and in the event that you have a specific shape as a primary concern it isn’t an issue.

Wedding cake comes in a huge range of shapes and sizes. Numerous couples shading arrange their cake with the wedding blossoms or bridesmaid dresses. With botanical embellishments it’s conceivable to actualize either sugary eatable blooms or crisp blossoms. For this reason it proves to be useful if your wedding cake expert additionally gives wedding blooms. Other conceivable designs incorporate ribbon from the lady of the hour’s wedding dress and adornments to put on top of the cake.

Ways to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Planning a wedding on a budget can save you big bucks for better purchases. It is a wise decision to make a strict budget for your wedding, as the saved funds can be used for a meaningful purpose. Although, the expenses may be shared, the task is equally painful and stressful for both the parties. Thus, drawing a cost sheet of your wedding can save you from a truckload of troubles. It is a tad tricky affair to plan a low-budget wedding, but with a little extra effort and imagination it can be executed with the perfect grace.

Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Off Season Wedding
Winter weddings are a rage everywhere. With a score of couples trying to ring the wedding bells, the wedding venue prices are pretentiously hiked. Avoid yourself the misery of fighting for this sought after slot and save your pocket from an irreparable burnout. Pick a weekday for you wedding, the vendors tend to charge more for weekend weddings, knowing the attendance will be full. Weekday weddings aren’t meant to discourage your guests, but to save the money that will be unnecessarily spent on renting the venue, car, lights, tables and other such stuff on a weekend.

Flowers and Decorations
Exotic flowers are sure to add the ‘wow’ factor to your wedding. However, they will also make a massive hole in your wallet. Also, where is the need to have off seasonal flowers for wedding decor, when they are conveniently thrown into the dustbin the very next day. Instead go in for paper, silk or dried flowers which can be found all year round. Such flowers are easily available in departmental stores or can be made at home too. Flowers are the biggest expense in most of the weddings, which can be easily avoided if you shop for them wisely. Decorations such as centerpieces, landscaping or stage can cost you a bomb. Drop these costs and use your imagination a little to decorate your own wedding party. Decorations for the weddings can be rented out or made at home the wedding is a small one.

Number of Guests
A wedding is an intimate affair to mark the beginning of a marriage. Maintain its sanctity by inviting only those who would shower their honest blessings on you. Making your wedding a grand party or a PR exercise, would shoot up your budget. Sit down with your parents and your fiance’s parents, to make a list of guests for your wedding. Doing it together, will help all of you to reach logical conclusion to make an invitation list. Remember that, every additional person on the list is going to make a substantial difference to your budget.

Wedding Favors
Wedding favors are memorabilia where you can easily cut corners. Instead of shopping online for fancy gift articles, head to the nearest dollar store to pick your gifts. These are less expensive and you may also bag a discount when you buy in bulk. In case you are looking to have a meaningful wedding favor, make a donation to a cause that is close your heart. Most of the wedding favors we receive are flung away somewhere, never to used or seen again. So, what is the point of this additional expense. Cut it entirely by helping someone with that money.

Important Tips

  • Early bird gets the worm. So if you want to get the best of everything begin sooner than later. Planning your wedding in advance will prevent occurrence of a colossal chaos and following conundrum.
  • The wedding is about you and your fiance, as opposed to respective set of parents. Fulfilling your parents wishes is one thing, but let them take over your plans for the wedding, will surely kill the budget, as every decision holds a high probability of seeming like one in vain, in retrospect.
  • Hire a photographer who knows his skill and not just the money he wishes to make. Better still, ask your friend to do the job. It might turn out to be an opportunity for him!
  • Hiring a hairstylist is fine. However, buy the material required by yourself to reduce the unnecessary expenses.

The most important factor while planning a wedding on a budget, is not hiring a wedding planner. What’s the point of paying some exorbitant commission, when you can use it for your home decor later. A wedding is supposed to be a union of two souls in love and not a party for people who don’t mean much.

Ways to Negotiate Wedding Reception Costs

Not everyone has the kind of negotiation skills that it takes to convince somebody to drop the prices of things. While that may not be so much of an issue in certain cases, it would really help to know how to do so, when planning a wedding. A great wedding that isn’t very expensive isn’t so hard to achieve, provided you have the skills that it takes. What we’re talking about here is how to negotiate wedding reception costs. Everyone is aware of the number of factors involved in a wedding. The venue, the caterer, the photographer, maybe even a wedding planner, everything is expense in itself. In fact, with regards to hiring and cost of a wedding planner, that alone could be a large contributing factor to increasing the amount of money you could land up spending on the actual affair. But as mentioned before, that is not the only cost involved. So to find out more, go on reading.

Negotiating Wedding Reception Costs

Let’s take a look at all the areas where you could possibly save some money, and yet have a really great wedding…

Wedding Venue Cost
The most important thing that comes into play when working with the wedding venue is the fact that the later you book the place, the higher the chances of paying more are. You may have always had a certain venue in mind for your wedding, and unless you realize that it is way out of your budget, and what you can afford, there is no reason for you to give up what you had in mind. Here’s the deal though. As mentioned before, book well in advance. You may not think of it as being necessary, but a last minute booking could lead you into paying a lot more than you had anticipated, thus adding up to way more than you had intended to spend.

Wedding Caterer
Talking terms with your wedding caterer is the next task in the list of ways to keep the reception within a reasonable budget. You cannot compromise on the variety offered as part of the menu, nor can you compromise on the quality of the food going to be served. What you can however be sensible about is the number of items served. You do not have to go overboard and scrimp off what you serve, but it most definitely is okay to serve a limited number of items when it comes to appetizers and dessert. Also, do not hesitate to put forth your suggestions and ask that it be done, because at the end of the day, if the caterer has been hired for his services, it must be up to the standard that you would like.

Wedding Photographer
It goes without saying that the wedding ceremony would be incomplete without pictures that capture every moment of that joyous occasion. So where’s the problem? Here’s where… A good photographer could charge way more than you ever thought possible. Then again, there are areas where costs can be cut down. Several photographers charge by the hour or will give you a lump sum of what they’re expecting, depending on the number of hours you would like them to be present and clicking pictures. Once that’s been decided, you may also want to find out if the photographer’s charges include prints, albums, and all else that you would normally expect. If it doesn’t seem feasible to hire a certain photographer because of the cost factor, look for someone who charges less, but ensure that their work is good and worth what you will be paying.

The above mentioned are the top three spots that contribute towards making weddings an expensive affair. But that’s not all. Other contributing factors are the DJ / band, wedding cake services, gifts for the bridal party, weekend weddings (weekday weddings cost less). Take a good look at all that’s been said, and hopefully the tips may help. At the end of the day, just make sure you love what you have, because on your big day, the last thing that you should have to do is compromise.

Ways to Look Slimmer in Wedding Dress

A wedding is one of the most beautiful moments we live in our lives. A day when we start a new life altogether, with someone we love more than any other. Your entire world comes to bless you on the day of your wedding. Quite a special day indeed, isn’t it? It is said that a bride and an expecting mother are two of the best physical forms of a woman. Beauty personified. On this day, it’s natural that you would want to look your best, as beautiful as you have actually been made. Then of course, you would want to look nice and slender in that gown, specially while walking down that aisle, when every single eye would be watching only you. This article will tell you how you can look thin and your beautiful best in your wedding gown, on your wedding day. Mentioned below are a few tips you would have to follow, in order to achieve your goal. The earlier you start implementing these tips, the better they will work out for you!

What it Takes to Look Thin on Your Wedding Day…

The following tips will cover a lot of problem areas that might lead to you looking fat on your wedding day. These may include some tips related to your health as well, so don’t get confused. As I mentioned before, you don’t only have to look slim, you need to look beautiful too, isn’t it?

  1. Before you even choose the wedding dress you want to wear, take some time and study your body type. Try to recognize all the problem areas that need to be worked upon. Even on your face, see if there is something that can be improved. Something as simple as the shape of your eyebrow.
  2. If you have a lot of time on your hands, hit the gym as soon as possible and tell the instructor about the areas you need to work upon. Start working out and also consult a dietitian, to reduce weight the right way. Don’t compromise on the food you eat as this is going to make you look healthy.
  3. Now, consult a designer regarding your wedding dress. The reason you need an expert to help you out is because this is your wedding, and you need to have the very best. Let’s just agree that the designer knows more about wedding dress styles than you do. Your suggestions are always going to be welcome.
  4. The way you look in your gown depends solely on the way it’s fitted on you. Since the designer will help you with the design, you have to only find a good seamstress now. Choosing the right one can make a whole lot of a difference. A good seamstress will do justice to the gown for your body.
  5. If you are not hiring a designer and if you are choosing the gown on your own, make sure you don’t pick up a gown that has any horizontal patterns. Opting for vertical patterns will make you look thin almost immediately. A vertical shape and pattern will give you a longer silhouette.
  6. Another tip you need to remember is that white isn’t a color that would make you look slimmer, like how black does. White will enhance your figure even more. For this very reason, avoid covering your problem areas with fabric. If you want to look slim, make sure your problem areas are left open.
  7. A plain wedding dress might make you look fat. Sometimes, the fat on your body is completely not toned. At such times, whatever you do, your gown is going to get an uneven fall. The best solution to this is ruching to create ruffles or petals in the dress which is more effective if done diagonally. It makes you look thin and it DOES NOT add to lines on your waist if done properly. Hence, the good seamstress again.
  8. When we talk about hiding the problem areas, we must also talk about enhancing the assets, isn’t it? If you have a good bust and waistline, go for a corseted gown style. If you have a good curved hip area, go for a shorter wedding gown to enhance that area even more.
  9. If you are fatter on the hips, go for a A-line skirt for the bottom of your wedding dress. This way, your figure will get a slimming down effect. If you plan to wear a puffed up skirt to hide those hips, they are only going to look more prominent. The tip is to avoid extra fabric on extra fat. If you have a fatter waist and small hips, just reverse the tip.
  10. Last but not the least, choose your jewelry properly. If you have a short neck with fat around it, make it look longer with long earrings. Dangling earrings can make your neck look longer. Similarly, choose extremely delicate a necklace and also a long one. A necklace that is close to your neck will make your neck look short and fat.

You need to avoid getting stressed completely before and during your wedding. Sleepless nights and scattered eating habits will make you look ill when you least want to. A good massage or two before your wedding and some meditation can do wonders to your entire look. Remember to sit and stand straight every single minute you are in that gown. Follow these tips and you’ll look as beautiful as you ever did. Don’t forget to keep the makeup a bare minimum on the cheeks.

How to Find The Perfect Wedding Hall

A wedding is often a special and memorable celebration for every individual. This why choosing a perfect wedding hall venue in White Plains can make the special day even more wonderful.

Content: –

Getting married is one of the most self-absorbed times in a person’s life. For every couple, their wedding ceremony has to be exceptional, grand, memorable and beautiful. Everyone wishes his or her wedding to be extremely luxurious, extravagant and within their means simultaneously.

If your wedding is coming up, you can make sure that everything goes well on this special occasion with proper planning and arrangements. Though wedding hall venue stands out as an important aspect of a wedding, you will definitely want it to be perfect.

How Do You Find a Dream Wedding Venue: –

What Kind Of Venue You Like To Choose: –

Traditional venues like hotels and country houses have much domination over the wedding market and with their set packages, they are well versed at holding weddings. If you are looking for a wedding hall venue in White Plains, you shouldn’t limit your options to all the usual suspects. Keep in mind that, you can go for more flexible wedding hall venues equipped with wonderful outdoor and indoor space best suiting your needs and budget.

What Exactly You Need From a Wedding Hall Venue: –

Note down what are the priorities for your venue and then make a list of all these important points; allowing you to keep track of the venue’s suitability while doing research. You can search online and make a long list of wedding hall venues you like the look of in your chosen geographical area before contacting them for more details. However, you will be able to start narrowing down your search right away as soon as you go through the list in detail.

What Are The Wedding Venue Visits: –

Once you’ve shortlisted suitable wedding hall venues, you should start visiting them in person. Be prepared for this part of your wedding celebration as it will take most of your time. However, you may feel that you’ve very jam-packed weekends for a while!

While visiting venues in White Plains, just pay attention to every small detail like routes your guests will take, what the bathrooms are like, whether there’s ample heating or air conditioning and where the power sockets are for your DJ/ceremony music. Also ask them whether they are open to your ideas and flexible with timings!

Don’t Commit To The One Immediately: –

Before signing up any contract, you should check out the full list of all the costs that shows what is and what isn’t included in the price. Ask what happens to your money in case of any cancellation whether on your behalf or the venue’s.

Conclusion: –

When thinking to hire any wedding hall venue in White Plains, you should always look for one stop wedding venue with huge space for reception halls, ceremony sites and overnight accommodations along with luxurious wedding party ambiance. Moreover, the venue for weddings can provide state-of-art lighting and delicious catering facilities best suiting client’s preferences and budget. Hence, it will be best for you to think thoroughly and make a perfect decision to ensure a wonderful, yet most appealing wedding ceremony in White Plains.


Rustic Wedding Ideas for You

Color Palette

Color palette plays a major role in bringing a balance and consistency in your theme. You can use colors like rust, gold, pine, brown, and champagne color shades for your rustic wedding.
It’s the most important day of life, but, planning a wedding is no easy task. If you want it to be different and unique then why not opt for a rustic wedding. It is the perfect theme for those who like to keep things simple, and want to be with their loved ones and nature on the day.

The charm of a rustic countryside wedding is unparalleled. It offers everything; beauty, privacy and simplicity. You can relax, and truly enjoy each moment, which is hardly possible in the city.

Planning needn’t be a task, as all friends and families can be involved to make it grand. To make it a little easier, we have sorted all the details for you, and compiled some of the best ideas. Take a look!


You can make your rustic wedding invitations simple yet interesting. If a wedding has a theme, it should reflect through the theme. You can make use of colors like gold, brown, or cream. Sending invitations in old-looking envelopes is also a good idea, make use of brown crushed paper for this. Keep the invitation wording simple, avoid the use of jargon or too much flowery language. Nor only is it contradictory to the theme, but it can also confuse the guests.

The Setting

You can have a barn or farm as the setting, for an uncomplicated and rustic look. The key to a perfect setting is the use of right elements. Vintage cars, cycles, barrels, baskets, and other such elements will make the place look absolutely picturesque.


The best part of a rustic wedding is the decoration. There are no strict rules, and anything that you have collected over the years can be part of the celebration. Colors like gold, yellow, umber, sage, russet, or shades of brown will instantly give a country style look.

Wedding Centerpieces

There’s no limit to how creative you can get with these. Right from beautiful vases with dried flowers and leaves, from vintage frames to any sort of antique elements that you think would add to the rustic feel, anything will do. Just remember it has to be eye-catching.

The Cake

Don’t go for a boring white cake, make it rustic! Cakes that have flower or leaf decorations, or are made like a log of wood or tree trunk are some options worth trying. If you want to stick to a conventional cake, no problem, just keep it on a trunk of tree, to add that rustic feel. You can even decorate the table with some dried leaves or flowers.

Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas – Cupcakes with Flower Icings
The Bride

Go for a fuss-free yet graceful look for an added appeal. A gown lined with pretty lace or even a country style gown with long sleeves would look elegantly old-style. Add some flowers in your hair, or other ornaments that go with the theme.

The Bride and the Groom

Ahh… the bride! Yeah also the groom! They just have so many ways to look rustic, regal and beautiful on their special day. It’s all about adding little elements that will take the look to entirely new notches altogether. For example, a cream-colored gown would give it a more countryside wedding look rather than a white one.

The Guestbook

Rustic Wedding Guestbook Idea
Here’s your chance to go truly rustic. A beautiful antique lamp, thick old book, all perched on a slab of a tree trunk. Sounds good, right! Think out of the box, and showcase your creativity through this one.
A rustic wedding will not only give you a peaceful, pretty environment, but will also save you a lot of money! So, go ahead with these ideas and make your wedding a perfect fairy-tale, but a simple one!

Find and Hire Professional Wedding Video Production Company

Apart from clicking quality pictures, Videography has also turned out to be necessary to make lifetime memories. As we all recognize wedding is once a lifetime occasion for any couple. It needs to be made particular that can be remembered everlastingly. In today’s era, wedding Videography industry has extensively expanded and thriving in the market. Maximum of the couples is considering wedding videographers to record the particular moments and emotions of the wedding day.

In order to make a memorable wedding video, there are several skilled wedding videographers include interviews of several guests. The responses normally come from those guests and bride and also groom make the marriage video fun to watch in its place of making it a difficult recording of the wedding and also welcome ceremonies.

This is mostly because there are a lot of guests who may be anxious of the camera and thus will not respond happily to the questions. An expert Idaho Wedding Videographers, you should get them to talk in an extremely relaxed manner. In case, they are afraid of the equipment, you should put them at ease to elicit several great responses from them.

Though, today there are many companies in Boise that provide wedding Videography Boise services at very sensible prices. But choosing the most authentic and extremely experienced expert is a daunting task. For this, you can make a complete search over the web to discover the most reputable expert videographer that have the awareness and skills to capture every detail in an ideal manner.

Those who are knowledgeable wedding videographers will surely get more than a pleasant camera on their arm. They will surely possess years of expertise and also the information needed for the best getting points. The right angles and also the correct approaches and the perfect editing skills are something that tends to make a completely dramatic difference in the excellence of a wedding video. You have to consider looking at wedding video online to see several great pictures of the main quality that you can certainly expect particularly when hiring a good expert.

If you are looking for Sun Valley Wedding Videography, surf web and find hundreds of choices. Please do evaluate prices. Sun Valley Video Production provides a number of high quality cinematic Videography & wedding videos in Sun Valley.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for You

Each one of us wants to give some unique gift to a couple on the most memorable day of their lives. But we often find ourselves blank on gift ideas, as every day at least ten new wedding gift items emerge in the market! So, here are some wedding gift ideas (unique only!) for your rescue.

Wedding Gift Ideas

S’more Maker
It’s always better to gift the couple, something that they can use. Specially, kitchen appliances, as any new couple tends to buy the utmost necessary things. So, all other appliances which are not a necessity but can always come in handy, are ignored. One such appliance is the s’more maker. This unique wedding gift will provide the newly married couple with tasty crunchy s’mores everyday! With the help of a s’more maker, the bride will be able to whip up the yummy classic treat whenever there are guests at her place! So, she won’t need to worry about entertaining the guests; in case of food at least!

Super Merchant Gift Certificate
If you want to gift something useful but not an accessory, you can go for super merchant gift certificate . Super merchant gift certificate will allow the couple to exchange the shopping coupons for any other coupon in any shop! So the couple will be able to buy anything they want for their new home. And that too, from any shop they like!

Ghost Tour
Want to give the couple some out of the world gift? Then this is one of the best wedding gifts for couples! You can buy them the tickets of a ghost tour, organized in many cities. So, you can choose the city with maximum haunted places for the tour! This will be one of the most unique wedding gifts for the groom, as the groom will get a chance to get closer to the bride and flaunt the ‘manly’ qualities like bravery, protectiveness etc. etc.! This wedding gift will sure to be a thrilling experience for the couple.

Cleaning Certificate
This is one of the best example of wedding gift ideas. Unique and also useful ideas are so rare to find! But this idea is unique as well as useful (and so you will find this idea in most of my wedding gift articles!) The newly wedded couple need rest after the lengthy and hectic wedding preparations. But the routine chores, which start right from the next day of the wedding, do not give the bride time to rest. So, this cleaning certificate will give the bride freedom form the boring chores and she will be able to spend some more quality time with her husband! And will also earn praises for you, for being so thoughtful.

Cleaning Certificate
Cash gifts are very useful for the couples, as they need money to set the new home. Cash gifts also give flexibility to the couple to buy something they really need instead of something that will be kept in the back of the cupboard forever. So, any contributions will be welcomed by them.

A few personalized wedding gifts such as photo frames, metal family tree etc. can also be given. If you are gifting some costly gift or tickets to some specific place, first confirm with the groom’s or bride’s parents that no one has planned for the same gift. Otherwise, one of your unique wedding gift ideas may go waste. So, with so many gift ideas for your help, you can start shopping immediately!