Ways to Choose The Right Wedding Shoes

After the wedding dress and the ring, the cake and the flowers, one of the last things that any bride starts to think about is her wedding shoes. In all truth, shoes are certainly not the most important part of what you will be wearing that day, and most of the guests at your wedding may not even notice them, but if you aren’t wearing a pair that fit you and look great, you won’t feel good.

What Should You Look for in Wedding Shoes?

The first thing to remember is that your wedding day is not the day to bring out the “stripper shoes.” There is no need to look taller than you are on that day – after all, you’ve already got the guy! Also, keep in mind that your dress will usually cover your shoes, so making a statement isn’t really necessary.

Do They Have to Be Flat?

Wedding shoes do not have to be flat, though you will certainly find a wider selection of shoes specifically designed for weddings with one inch heels or smaller. Having comfortable shoes on during your wedding day is something that you might not think of as terribly important, but if you truly want to enjoy your day, it is a very wise decision to make. After all, with the exception of dinner, you will be on your feet for probably 12 hours straight!

What About Color?

Perhaps the best thing about wedding shoes is that you can find almost any style you want, in any size, as long as it’s white. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wear white shoes. Dying shoes for a wedding is a very common practice, and although you may never have had a pair of shoes dyed before, it is the best way to ensure that you are getting a comfortable pair of shoes in a color that really suits your outfit.

When you buy shoes that you plan on dying, make sure you try them on and wear them for a while (inside, of course). This will help you to be sure that they will feel good all day long. You won’t have time to “break in” your shoes, so they need to feel good from the first minute you put them on.

Once you are sure that you will be able to tolerate them all day, you can then have them dyed to almost any color under the sun. You can even bring in a swatch of fabric to a professional shoe dyer, who will be able to match it.

Do You Wear Them Just One Time?

Another great feature of wedding shoes is that you will obviously wear them on your wedding day, but then you can keep them the same color or dye them again for future use. This means that it is almost like having two pairs of shoes in one – a beautiful pair of shoes for your wedding day, and then a very comfortable pair of shoes in any color for later use.